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  • Northwave Blaze Plus

    Sale! $209.99 $139.99


    • Speedlight 3D Carbon sole with 3 different densities and stiff carbon insert on the pedal area
    • Biomap unibody upper made of ultralight PU with thermowelded protections
    • Double SLW2 dial
    • Integrated heel system provides efficient retention

    Inspired by top-spec CX designs, the BioMap unibody upper with large thermowelded reinforced details and two SLW2 dials embodies Blaze Plus’ true racing spirit. The triple-density Speedlight 3D Carbon sole with a stiffness index of 12 transfers more power to the pedals.

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  • Northwave CX Tech

    Sale! $199.99 $109.99


    • Sole: Speedlight 3D Carbon CX
    • Upper: Ultralight PU + Neoprene
    • Upper Construction: Biomap without stiching
    • Closing system: SRS + Asymetrical straps
    • Heel: Integrated heel system
    • Footbed: Performance Pro
    • Tech: PU thermowelded reinforcements
    • Weight: 376 g
    • Included: CX toe cleats

    The Northwave CX Tech shoes are stylish with a lightweight speed-light 3D carbon sole that grips with the sole. The neoprene sock fits closely at the ankle and they’re warm when it’s cold and wet. The middle of the three velcro straps is offset to avoid pressure, and the small vents are high up to reduce water ingress. The sole is stiff enough on the bike for sprints with a tiny amount of flex for when you’re running.

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  • Northwave Elisir Evo

    Sale! $109.99 $59.99


    • Upper: PU with airmesh – women design
    • Insole: Footbed – Airsport
    • Outsole: Heel – Stabilizer
    • Sole: Jaws without studs
    • Closure: 2 straps

    The Northwave Elisir Evo Women’s MTB Shoes are a lightweight, versatile and functional mountain bike shoe. This MTB shoe has a snappy Jaws sole that feels comfortable on any type of surface with two velcro straps for a comfortable and secure fit. Rigid construction optimizes power transfer to the pedals.

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  • Northwave Endurance Shoe Cover

    Sale! $39.99 $29.99

    Durable lightweight neoprene upper with Kevlar reinforced toe and heel, completely waterproof, 4 needle stitching for enhanced durability when mountain biking. Closure system is a covered rear zip with Velcro insert, adjustment on ankle and sole.

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  • Northwave Escape Evo

    Sale! $99.99 $49.99


    • Sole: Damp-Lite
    • Closing System: Laces + strap
    • Heel: Reinforced
    • Footbed: Freeride
    • Weight: 352 g

    The Northwave Escape Evo mountain shoes are for the true all-arounder, ideal for cycling and hiking and with their low weight and comfortable design. Featuring a crossroad sole with calibrated stiffness and a reinforced heel, they are comfortable to walk and to ride. The sole contains a removable panel for attaching compatible cleats. The use of full lace fastening with hook and loop strap affords ease of use and a very secure fit. The breathable fabric upper is ventilated to ensure you remain comfortable at all times.

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  • Northwave Evolution Plus

    Sale! $199.99 $159.99


    • BioMap technology transmits energy straight to the pedals
    • SLW2 closure system for speed and comfort
    • Carbon fibre and fiberglass sole offers stiffness in an ultralight design
    • Exclusive, weight saving Speedplay adaptor
    • Weight: 550 g

    The Northwave Evolution Plus offers the perfect blend of performance and comfort in a great looking shoe. With a light and stiff carbon blend sole, a state-of-the-art SLW2 closure system and Speedplay compatibility, the Evolution Plus is the ideal shoe for the racer or serious enthusiast.

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  • Northwave Extreme

    Sale! $349.99 $189.99


    • Ultralight Carbon sole made of unidirectional carbon
    • NW Speedplay adapter compatible
    • Biomap unibody upper with nano holes laser cutting technology made of a ultralight microfiber that conforms to the foot shape
    • Double SLW2 dial plus extra strap
    • Extreme Air Evo footbed provides greater support

    Northwave’s Extreme Pro shoe par excellence. The Ultralight Carbon sole delivers maximum power transfer, while the BioMap anatomic upper ensures an unrivaled fit thanks to biomechanical analyzes of pro athletes.

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  • Northwave Extreme Triathlon

    Sale! $299.99 $179.99


    • Ultralight carbon sole
    • Ultralight microfibre BioMap Upper without stitching
    • Extreme Air Footbed
    • 2 Strap closure with velcro patches for side locking
    • Weight: 218 grams
    • Cleats not included

    The Northwave Extreme Triathlon shoe combines the most advanced design and cutting edge technology to produce  a light, stiff, and fast triathlon-specific cycling shoe on the market.

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  • Northwave Extreme XC

    Sale! $329.99 $229.99


    • Thermowelded unibody upper featuring BioMap technology, laser cut nano-holes, for better fit and reduced weight
    • Double SLW2 dial with toe strap, the only one with step-by-step micro-adjustment and full release by pressing a button
    • Hyperlight XC sole is made of 100% uni-directional carbon for maximum stiffness, power transfer and reduced weight
    • Michelin dual density rubber inserts fused (not glued) to sole for unparalleled grip and durability
    • Integrated heel system with unidirectional non-slip material for secure fit

    Northwave’s Extreme XC shoes are designed with BioMap technology for proper fit and transferrence of power while pedaling.

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  • Northwave Extreme XCM

    Sale! $299.99 $159.99


    • Speedlight 3D Carbon sole with 3 different densities and stiff carbon insert on the pedal area
    • Biomap unibody upper with micro perforations and thermo welded
    • Double SLW2 dial plus extra strap: the only one with step-by-step and full release pressing a single button
    • Integrated heel system with interior directional fibre material prevents from slipping
    • Extreme Air Evo foot bed provides greater support

    The Northwave Extreme XCM are high-end racing shoes packed with technology to make you faster and more efficient on the trail while also remaining comfortable. They feature a Speedlight Carbon 3D sole. The nylon chassis is reinforced with carbon fiber and co-injected to the outer polished TPU shell. The rubber studs ensure maximum grip. The micrometric system S.L.W. 2 (Speed Lace Winch) allows quick adjustment for comfortable and secure fit.

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  • Northwave H2O Shoe Cover

    Sale! $39.99 $29.99


    • Durable polyurethane upper with reinforced rubber toe and heel, fully taped seams throughout
    • 19cm cuff height provide optimal coverage when conditions are less than favorable
    • Closure system is a lateral reversed zipper with a Velcro adjustable ankle and sole
    • Adjustable heel with internal silicon grip printing, easy pull-on loop and elastic calf for enhanced fit
    • Reflective inserts and zipper aids in rider visibility
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  • Northwave Scorpius 2 MTB Shoes

    Sale! $109.99 $69.99


    • Jaws Carbon Reinforced Sole with natural rubber tread for increased grip
    • AirFlow System keeps your feet fresh and ventilated
    • Asymmetrical straps save weight and improve comfort by eliminating pressure from the side area of the foot
    • Microinjected reinforcement offers protection from damage by stones and twigs
    • Weight: 710g

    The Northwave Scorpius 2 is versatile and durable with replaceable studs and asymmetrical straps for a more comfortable and secure fit. This shoe is ideal for a range of disciplines, from off-road to touring or commuting. The Jaws Carbon Reinforced Sole is made from thermoplastic material enriched with carbon powder and a natural rubber tread, giving you lightweight performance with maximum grip.

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Showing 1–12 of 25 results